WhatsApp Vs Signal – Which one is best and why?

Signal Vs WhatsApp – Which one is best and why?

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WhatsApp is currently the largest messaging app globally with more than 2 Billion active users, while Signal has more than 50 Million active users.

WhatsApp has been seeing a huge downgrade since they rolled out their Privacy Policy updates. People are moving towards other alternatives to WhatsApp.

As a result, Signal sees massive growth in the number of downloads and becomes the third most downloaded app in January 2021 globally while WhatsApp goes to the fifth position.

WhatsApp updates its privacy policy which will allow other Facebook-owned companies (like Instagram, Oculus VR, etc.) to access user’s data.


The signal is being considered as one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp by offering the best privacy and security to its users.

The signal is also endorsed by Elon Musk (World’s Richest Person).

What is Signal?

Signal is a messaging app run by a non-profitable organization and was started in 2014. It runs on donations, not by data.

Signal offers secure messaging, voice, and video calls with end-to-end encryption. It uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages.

It is not backed up by ads or user data, it’s totally open-source which means it has very great privacy and security.


Data Collections of Signal and WhatsApp

Below is the Data Collection list of both Signal and WhatsApp messaging app.

WhatsApp Data Collection

  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Contacts
  • Contacts Information
  • Device ID
  • User ID
  • Purchase History
  • Advertising Data
  • Location
  • Crash Data
  • Performance Data
  • Payment Information
  • Product Interaction

Data Collection of WhatsApp After New Privacy Policy

  • IP Address
  • Signal Strength
  • Operating System
  • WhatsApp Usage
  • Profile Pictures
  • Group Details
  • Status Updates
  • Battery Status
  • Phone Model
  • About Info

Data Collection of Signal

The signal does not collect any of your data, it only collects your phone number when you make an account on this app so that they can send you OTP.

WhatsApp Vs Signal - Which one is best and why

WhatsApp Vs Signal – Conclusion

WhatsApp is no longer to be a privacy-focused messaging app. Facebook (parent company of WhatsApp) is trying to use WhatsApp as a tool to collect user’s data and generate more revenue.

Fortunately, we have a choice to switch on the Signal messaging app, which provides high-standard security to users and is the best privacy-focused app at present.

Some FAQs Related to WhatsApp and Signal

  • Is Signal app really safe?

Yes, Signal provides very high standard security and privacy to their users does not even collect user’s data.

  • Is Signal Safer than WhatsApp?

Yes, it provides you better security and privacy than WhatsApp and does not collect any of the user’s data.

  • Why WhatsApp is not safe?

WhatsApp after its new privacy policy is no longer to be a privacy-focused messaging app. Facebook is trying to use it as a tool to collect user’s data and generate more revenue.

  • Is Signal the most secure messaging app?

Yes, Signal is the most secure messaging app, and the best alternative to WhatsApp.

  • Is Signal owned by Facebook?

The signal has not been owned by any company, it is a non-profitable organization that runs on donations.

  • Who owns WhatsApp?

Facebook owns WhatsApp.

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