WhatsApp Pay Cashback Offer: Send Money & Get Rs 51 (Total Rs 255)

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WhatsApp is offering Rs 255 cashback to all its users for sending money through its UPI-based payment service, WhatsApp Pay. In the WhatsApp Pay Cashback offer, users will earn Rs 51 for 5 times for sending money.

WhatsApp has named this offer “Give Cash, Get Rs 51 Back”, and users can get guaranteed cashback of Rs 51 by sending money to their contacts. You will get the cashback five times and the company has not set any amount limit for this cashback offer.

Wondering what is WhatsApp Pay?

What is WhatsApp Pay?

WhatsApp Pay is an in-chat payment feature in the WhatsApp application that allows users to make transactions to their contact list. It is a UPI-based payments service that allows you to send and receive money.


It was introduced back in February 2018 in India as a part of a trial. The WhatsApp payment services received approval from NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) back in February 2020.

Users can use the WhatsApp payment services directly through chat on the WhatsApp application by tapping on the share file icon and then by selecting the Payment option. Users can also check their transaction history and account details in the Payment section.

WhatsApp Pay allows users to send money to their contacts after enabling their UPI ID. Users can also send money through QR codes to people who are not on their contact list.

WhatsApp Pay Cashback Offer

WhatsApp has now started rolling out this feature for Android beta users. Here is how you can get Rs 255 cashback in your bank account.

The WhatsApp beta app on Android has started displaying a banner at the top of the chat list with the message “Give cash, get Rs 51 back”. You can get five times the guaranteed cashback of Rs 51 by sending money to different contacts.


There is no minimum amount limit for this cashback offer, which means you can send Rs 1 to contacts and get Rs 51 cashback. You can avail of this offer 5 times, and the cashback will be transferred to your bank immediately.

This feature is only available for beta users of Android. It is expected that soon it will be rolled out to all users.

How to get Rs 255 Cashback in your bank?

You have to a UPI send money of Rs 1 or more to earn Rs 51 cashback directly in your bank account. WhatsApp has started rolling this feature into users’ accounts. The offer is valid 5 times per user.

Here’s how you can earn Rs 255 under the ‘Give Cash, Get Rs 51 Back’ offer.

Set up an account on WhatsApp Pay

  • First of all Update the WhatsApp from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Now, open the App on your smartphone.
  • For Android, click on the three-dots menu and select Payments.
  • For iOS, click on Settings option on the bottom right-corner and select Payments.
  • Click on Add payment method.
  • Now, click on Accept and Continue.
  • Here, select your bank account linked with your number.
  • Kindly note that you can only select the bank which is linked with your WhatsApp mobile number.
  • Now, complete the verification by entering OTP.
  • Finally set up a UPI PIN for making paments in furture.

Note: Make sure that your Whatsapp number and mobile number linked with your Bank account that you are trying to link should be the same.

Send money on WhatsApp Pay and get Rs 255 cashback

  • After successfully linking your bank account with WhatsApp Pay.
  • Open any WhatsApp contact (Make sure that he/she also using WhatsApp Pay too).
  • Here, click on Paper clip icon before Camera icon.
  • Select Payments from the popup.
  • You will get a popup that informs you that the contact is not using the WhatsApp pay.
  • Now, click on Send Money option and here you will see a banner of “Give Cash, Get Rs 51 Back” offer.
  • Just enter Rs 1 or more and enter your UPI PIN.
  • Done, you payment will successfully transfered.
  • You will Instantly get Rs 51 cashback in your bank account.

Note: You will get the cashback 5 times means you will get a total of Rs 255 cashback in your bank account using the WhatsApp Pay Cashback offer.

If the offer is not showing in your account, wait for the latest update of WhatsApp because the WhatsApp Beta program is full currently.

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