What is Truecaller? Is Truecaller safe to use?

What is Truecaller? Is it safe to use?, How it makes money?, Trick to use Truecaller without compromising with privacy, App Permission of Truecaller, Personal Data that Truecaller Collects

Truecaller is basically a mobile application that shows the details of an unknown number when someone calls you. In simple words, by using Truecaller you can find the details of the owner of a particular mobile number.

It is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB in 2009. This app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

How does Truecaller Works?

Truecaller uses crowd-sourcing to show users details of any mobile number. So, when someone downloads their app, it takes all the contact information of that user and stores them in their server (or database).

It uses this data to provide users the information about unknown numbers and this process of showing data from collecting it with different users is called Crowd-Sourcing.


After collecting user’s data, they apply their AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to analyze this data and make them appropriate.

On applying AI and Machine Learning, these data also go through data matching, and each mobile number is assigned a Truecaller ID.

So, when someone receives calls from an unknown number or searches for the number on their website or app, the caller ID associated with the number will be displayed to you.

Is Truecaller safe to use?

Whenever someone downloads their app, you have to agree to their permissions, without this you can not use this app. Let’s see what personal data they are collecting from their users.

Personal Data that Truecaller Collects

According to their website’s Privacy Policy, when you install and use Truecaller App, it will collect the following data from your smartphone:

  • Email ID
  • Street Address
  • Zip Code
  • Country of Residence
  • Geographical Location
  • IP Address
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Address
  • Content Viewed by you
  • Incoming, Outgoing Calls and Messages
  • Device Manufacturer and Type
  • Device ID or Unique Identifier
  • SIM Card Usage
  • App installed on your phone
  • Advertising ID
  • Operating System
  • Web Browser
  • IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  • Connection Information
  • Screen Resolution
  • Usage Statistics
  • Default Communication Apps
  • Access to Device Address Book
  • Device Log and event information
  • Your order information

It also collects other information based on your interaction with their services such as how the service is being accessed (via website or search engine).

App Permission of Truecaller

Apart from Personal Data Collection, they can do more by their app Permission you agree when you install their app. The permission is:

  • Microphone Permission (record audio)
  • Camera Permission (take pictures and videos)
  • Location Permission
  • Call Logs Permission (read or write call logs)
  • SMS Permission (read, receive, send messages)
  • Storage Permission (read, modify or delete contents)
  • Phone Permission (answer phone calls, add voicemail, reroute calls)
  • Disable Your screen lock
  • Pair With Bluetooth Devices
  • View Wi-Fi Connections
  • Install Shortcuts, and much more

It also records your clipboard, which means if you copy sensitive content (like a password or bank card number, bank details).

So, Truecaller collects a huge amount of sensitive data from our smartphones, now if that is alright for you then it is safe to use.

But I think, after seeing this data collection and permissions of this many people will definitely delete this app.

Trick to use Truecaller without compromising with privacy

The unknown call is a big problem and hence many people reach out to apps like Truecaller. Hence, we have a trick to find all details of unknown numbers without giving our private data to Truecaller.

  • Firstly make a new Gmail account and don’t link it anywhere
  • Now, open Truecaller website on your laptop or desktop and sign in using that new Gmail account.
  • When you need to search a number then search it in on your desktop or laptop and sign in using that new Gmail account.
  • Remember don’t save any data in that Gmail account like any mobile number, photos, and even don’t link your phone number to that Gmail account.
  • Note: Don’t try this in your mobile browser, and remember there is a limit of 5-10 numbers which you can find details in a day using their website.
What is Truecaller Is Truecaller safe to use

How to Unlist your mobile number?

If you want to unlist your mobile number, then firstly you need to deactivate the account. Without deactivating your account you can not unlist your mobile number.

Deactivate your account

For Android: Open app > Tap on three dots strips menu at the top right corner > Setting > Privacy center > Deactivate

For iOS: Open app > Tap on three dots strips menu at the top right corner > About > Deactivate

Unlist Your Mobile Number

If you are using Truecaller and want to unlist your mobile number from their database. Follow these steps:

  • Open Truecaller Unlist Page
  • Enter your phone number with country code.
  • Fill reCAPTCHA
  • Finally click on “Unlist your phone number”
  • Then it will ask you “Are you sure you want to unlist your phone number?” Click on Unlist.
  • Now, your mobile number will be removed from the their database within 24 hours.

How Truecaller Makes Money

Truecaller basically uses three different ways to make money. They are:

  • Advertisement
  • Data Sharing
  • Truecaller for Business


They earn money from advertising with a proper ad viewing experience, by showing you ads on their website as well as on their mobile app.

They also show you ads in-between the call history of their App. If you don’t want to see ads then you have to purchase their subscriptions which also make money.

Data Sharing

They are also earning money by selling data to third-party websites and partners. They collect data from their users, filter all data, and sell it to advertisers.

Even if you want a number of famous personalities then you need to contact Truecaller and they will tell you how much money you have to pay to get that person’s mobile number.

Truecaller for Business

They are also earning money from their “Truecaller for business”, which means when a company gives them money, then they reduce all their number’s spam score which are most spammed by the users.

Basically, they whitewashed the company’s mobile number. For doing this they will charge a lot of money from those companies.

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