Android 13 is the next iteration of Android OS which is currently available in developer previews for testing. 

The latest Android 13 will soon be available in beta. Here we are gonna share when you can expect Android 13 beta

Android 13 will come with many enhancements to Android 12 features along with many new features. 

The new features in the Android 13 may include new auto theming icons, user profile features, revamped screen saved, etc.

Google already released the Android 13 rollout plan earlier this year. It includes Developer Previews, beta, and stable release. 

Google has already completed Developer Preview testing which means beta version will be released as soon

Google will be hosting the I/O 2022 event in May and around that time we will see the second Android 13 beta version

It will then release the third and fourth Android 13 beta in June and July respectively

Since many OEMs have their custom skin based Android versions, the timings for beta updates for these OEMs may vary