WhatsApp update group by up to 512 participants, Check Details

Images Source: Google

WhatsApp had earlier announced a new feature for group chats that would allow users to add many participants to a group.

As per a new report, WhatsApp has started rolling out the feature to create and join larger groups which was only available for Android and iOS beta users now.

The new feature on WhatsApp will allow admins to add 512 participants in a group on the platform. 

The feature is said to have been released for most users. In case if you can't access the feature yet, worry not. You will likely get it within the few days.

If you wish to check whether feature is available to you, you can try to create a group and check how many participants you can add at the top of the screen.

WhatsApp is working on several updates that it will start rolling out for users slowly. 

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