WhatsApp introduced new features for Group Voice call

Images Source: Google

Popular instant messaging service, WhatsApp has introduced new features for group voice calls, like muting and messaging participants along with banner notifications while in a group call.

Now, when someone new joins a group voice call and is offscreen, you will see a banner notification saying, "X joined the call".

WhatsApp said, This way, you will know when a new person joins and who they are, even if you are on a big call and the person is not one of the names fixed on your screen.

The users can now mute others on a group voice call. The feature will avoid listening to accidental background chatter while the users try to hear something another person is saying.

WhatsApp further said, You will also have the ability to message other participants while in a group call. 

The instant messaging platform recently introduced the ability to have large group calls with up to 32 people.

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