Twitter tests allowing users to co-author tweets

Images Source: Google

Twitter has begun testing CoTweets, a feature that allows two Twitter users the ability to co-author and be tagged in a single tweet. 

Of course, Twitter made the feature public in a tweet, this time from the company's Twitter Create account.

"Share the spotlight and engage with new audiences," said Twitter Create in its own tweet. 

Select accounts in the US, Canada, and Korea can now send invites to CoTweet! This experiment will run for a limited time.

As per Twitter in order for two Twitter users to make a CoTweet, one person will create the CoTweet and then invite someone else to co-author the tweet. 

When that second person accepts the CoTweet invitation, the CoTweet immediately posts to each author’s profile and both of their followers' timelines. 

Such tweets will include both authors' profiles, usernames and profile photos in the tweet header.

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