Telegram's Premium subscription is here, costs $4.99 per month

Images Source: Google

Telegram has just released the version 8.8 on the Apple App Store which will allow users to unleash Telegram’s full potential for $4.99 per month.

Existing features remain free, expectedly. However, those wanting to get their hands on some tempting new additions will have to pay a monthly fee now.

The update will be available for the Android users on Google Play Store within a day or two.

Premium features includes: - 4GB uploads. - Faster downloads. - Organize your chats into 20 folders, holding 200 chats each.

- Connect 4 accounts in any app. - Pin 10 chats in your main list. - Reserve up to 20 links. - Save 400 favorite GIFs & 10 stickers.

- Write a longer bio for your profile and include links. - Include longer captions for photos and videos. - Voice-to-text transcriptions.

- Exclusive stickers and reactions. - Premium badge on profile. - Profile video support. - No ads. - More custom icons.

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