Snapchat introduces new Shared Stories feature for collaborations

Images Source: Google

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature that will make it easier for users to share Snaps together. The feature is called as Shared Stories. 

While the original version only gives you a way to add friends to view & contribute to your Stories, the new feature allows friends you add to add their own contacts. 

Say you are cooking and want your friends to add their cooking Stories, too — just add them to the group, so they can add more people, as well. 

Snap says that makes it easier "for the whole soccer team, camp squad, or group of new coworkers to get in on the fun."

It will also be visible for 24 hours before disappearing, but it doesn't have a chat component, because it's assumed that not all users would know each other. 

The app will also use automatic language detection and other review tools to monitor additions and make sure they're all safe. 

Finally, you will get a notification if you've joined a Shared Story with someone you've blocked. 

That gives you the chance to leave the Story if you're not comfortable sharing a part of your life with those users. 

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