Samsung is making exclusive chipset for premium Galaxy devices

Images Source: Google

After Apple unveiled its in-house M1 chip, Google followed suit with the Tensor and used it on its last flagship devices - the Pixel 6 Series. 

Once the top tech giant done that, the rest of the Android world was expected to sit up and pay attention and that's exactly how things are going. 

According to reports, Samsung executives announced that the company had plans to create a chip dedicated to its Galaxy smartphones. 

Samsung’s TM Roh mentioned in early April that they are working on a chip that is "unique" to Galaxy smartphones but shared no other details. 

As of now, there is literally nothing else we know about the chipset that in which Samsung is working, except for the fact that it is being developed. 

Samsung already producing its own Exynos chip for phones for years, but it has not been able to keep up with Qualcomm chips

Samsung uses its Exynos chips in smartphones across many markets but replaces it with Snapdragon ones in markets like South Korea and the US. 

As per the tipster Ice Universe, who is known for his Samsung-related tips, Samsung’s “unique” chip is not coming any time soon, at least not till 2025. 

So that would mean that when Samsung launches it, we might see it being used in the Galaxy S25 series and/or the foldables we see that year. 

Other reports suggest that this chip might be custom made for the Galaxy S series devices only. 

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