Now Google Meet meetings can easily livestream on YouTube

Images Source: Google

Back in March, tech-giant Google announced their plans to add a live streaming option to Google Meet this year, thus allowing your meetings to be viewed by more than the amount supported to join a Meet. 

This would also allow your stream to be viewed by large groups of people outside of your organization, giving them the option to pause and playback the presentation as needed or watch it later.

This week, Google announced that this feature is now ready and will be rolling out over the next few days to select Workspace tiers. 

The feature must first be enabled by an Admin, at which point users can initiate a live stream in Meet from the activities panel. 

Before this can happen, though, those who wish to use this feature should have their YouTube channel approved for live streaming in advance and consider that the approval process can take up to 24 hours. 

Once all of that is set, to start a live stream in a Meet, navigate to the Activities Panel, select "Live Streaming," and choose your YouTube channel from the list.

Live streaming from Google Meet began rolling out to Rapid Release domains on 21st July and should only take 1-3 days for full visibility. 

However, Scheduled Release domains won’t start to see this feature until July 25th, with a slower two-week rollout.

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