Meta adds 18+ tag policy for mature content in Horizon Worlds

Images Source: Google

To make it more user-friendly, tech giant Meta has updated its content policies for Horizon Worlds users and introduced a new content rating system for "mature audiences".

As per UploadVR, the Met has signposted the change in an email sent out to Horizon Worlds users, informing them that creators need to apply a content rating to their worlds to show whether it is appropriate for all ages or only for mature users (age 18 and over).

If creators take no action and do not update their existing worlds within the next month, then those worlds "will default to over 18 regardless of the content in the world".

Creators can find the new rating option in the World tab in Build mode, which can be adjusted anytime.

The change comes as Meta unbundles Facebook accounts from the core experience of its Quest VR headsets and replaces them with Meta accounts which require a name and "date of birth so we can verify your age," the report said.

Facebook required people to use the name "they go by in everyday life" with its earlier policy, but that's not the case for Meta accounts.

Recently, Meta announced a new setting known as Voice Mode in Horizon Worlds, giving users more control over their experience. 

The feature allows the Quest 2 VR headset users to choose how they hear people, not on the friends list, including the option to not hear unwanted conversations.

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