iPhone 14 may include high-end selfie camera with built-in autofocus

Apple is all set to bring the iPhone 14 series this year. The iPhone 14 series, which will come with four variants, has been a part of the rumour mill since a while.

Now, a report has said that the selfie camera on the iPhone 14 will get a significant improvement, and the updated hardware is set to cost Apple three times more.

As per a new report, Apple is switching the manufacturer for the front cameras from a Chinese company to a South Korean one. 

The report says that Apple is classifying iPhone 14's front camera as “high-end." 

The company is reportedly using LG Innotek’s products to cater to the new iPhone’s advanced needs. 

Originally, Apple was planning to make this shift with iPhone 15, but rumoured quality issues with the Chinese one have led Apple to make the change earlier.

The iPhone 14 is said to support autofocus on the front camera. The upgrade, according to reports, is said to cost Apple three times the amount. 

Now, we are not sure if this will affect the price for end users, but it seems unlikely that we will see a hike in the price.

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