Instagram may go full Snapchat with stories voice reply feature. Tap to check all the details of the upcoming feature

We know Meta owned Instagram became a social media giant by letting people easily share photographs and videos

But it looks like even this visually-oriented platform isn't immune to the lure of social audio tools like Twitter Spaces

You can already send voice notes via DMs, but it look like more Instagram audio features might be on the way

Alessandro, a developer shared a screenshot from Instagram Stories with a microphone icon in the field for story replies

Alessandro Paluzzi stated outright that Instagram is working on the ability to reply to Stories with voice messages

This comes a couple of months after he noted that the Meta-owned site was working on an edit grid feature

Of course, developers will sometimes prepare for upcoming features that ultimately don't get implemented

It may also be that comparing this feature (if it does get added) to social audio like Spaces or Clubhouse is inaccurate

If anything, it seems more Snapchat-like, as you can also reply to stories on Snapchat with voice messaging

There is no info beyond what he has discovered yet, so it's anyone's guess as to when Instagram will roll out this feature