How to Set Live Wallpapers on Android Devices, Check Details

Live wallpapers are becoming popular, especially on phones with reliable batteries where performance isn’t affected too much.

However, we can not directly set mp4 or other video formats as live wallpapers on our Android devices.

So, if you want to apply any video as live wallpaper, here's how you can set live wallpaper on any Android device.

First of all, install Live Wallpaper - Any Video App from Google Play Store. You can also use other apps like Google Wallpapers. 

After installing it, open the app then click on Video to set a live wallpaper on your device. If you want to set a GIF then you need to click on Image.

Locate the wallpaper which you want to set and then it will show you a preview of the wallpaper before setting it up. 

Now, Click on Set Wallpaper and select the location where you want to apply it.

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