Recording calls is a very useful in most of the cases. Many smartphone companies including Samsung have a built-in call recording feature

However, there are many third-party apps available to record calls. But why we use an third-party app when we have an built-in feature on our devices

If you have an Samsung smartphone and want to record calls on your device. Tap to check the details of how you how you can do it in next slides.

Open Phone or Dialer App on your Samsung smartphone. Click on three-dots icon at the top right side and select Settings from the given options. 

Under Settings, click on Record Calls and turn on the toggle for Auto Record Calls and select All Calls 

You can also manually record calls by clicking on three-dots icon in an ongoing call then tap on record call to start the recording.

In some regions the feature is not available while in some regions it announces that the call is being recorded. 

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