iPhones comes with many interesting features. There are many small features as well that we don't notice until we see it from somewhere or anyone tells us

But even though multi-touch in iOS gave us an iconic, sometimes scrolling back to the top of a long webpage, document, or list can be a pain in the butt, no matter how pretty it looks

It turns out, however, that Apple long ago introduced a way to avoid these frustrating moments of seemingly endless scrolling

Yes there is a cool trick you can use to jump to the top without scrolling. Here you will learn how to scroll back to the top with just one tap

To try this out, open an app with a scrolling page, such as a website, list of Mail messages, or a long document. Scroll as you normally would to scroll down a bit. 

When you’re ready to return to the top of page, tap once at the very top of the screen or tap on the clock showing in the top. It will quickly zap you to the very top of the page

The usefulness of this feature is not limited for documents or pages. But you can also tap on the top edge of screen inside Photos app to go back to top

As mentioned, this feature is not new, and has been part of iOS for years. But, if you didn’t know about it, it’s new to you.

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