How to Change Refresh Rate on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series?

Samsung has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series. All of these devices come with the latest software features and powerful hardware. 

Samsung has done a commendable job with the display of Galaxy S22 Series. Apart from the vivid and clear picture quality, it also offers a 120Hz refresh rate.

A high refresh rate display is now a must have feature especially on flagship phones. But if you want to change the refresh rate on Galaxy S22 Series, stay here

Changing the refresh rate on a Galaxy S22 Series is a very simple process followed by a few steps. The steps for these three phones are the same. 

Open the Settings App on your device and select Display. Now, tap on Motion smoothness and choose Adaptive Refresh Rate, and then tap Apply.

Select Adaptive for 120Hz Refresh Rate and Select Standard for 60Hz. Setting a high refresh rate also uses more battery. So, you can move back to 60Hz

Adaptive means that the refresh rate change depending on your usage. When not using the phone it will change to low refresh rate

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