How to Change or Customize Charging Sound on iPhone?

Apple iPhone owners are habituated of hearing a familiar chime or ringing when they plug in their phone to charge.

How to Change iPhone Charging Sound?

How to Change iPhone Charging Sound?

But don't worry there is a workaround by which you can change the default charging sound. 

And the best part is that you can do it without installing any app. Tap to check how you can change or customize the charging sound

Open the Shortcuts app on your device running on iOS 14 or later then go to the Automations tab.

Under automation, select Create Personal Automation. Scroll to the bottom and select the Charger option.

Select "Is Connected" or "Is Disconnected" to set the tone for when your phone is charging or removed from the charger.

After then tap on Next at the top right corner and select Add Action and then select the Media you want to add from the search box

Turn off the toggle for Ask Before Running. Now whenever you put your iPhone to charge, it will play the selected music 

Alternatively, you can use the Speak automation. This function uses Siri to speak out to the text you'd like to listen

In this case, I am adding this text "Hey, You're Buzzin". Also, don't forget to turn off the toggle for Ask before running

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