Google will test new AR prototypes in public starting in August

Images Source: Google

American tech giant, Google is planning to test augmented reality (AR) prototypes in public beginning next month, the company said in a blog post on 19th July.

Some prototypes will look like normal glasses and will be equipped with microphones and cameras as well as transparent displays.

The new glasses aren’t a product yet and aren’t available to the public, but Google wants to test apps like real-time translation or showing the user directions inside glasses lenses, especially in environments like busy intersections.

The tests represent a significant advance in Google’s development of augmented reality, a technology that many in Silicon Valley believe could be a major shift in computing like the smartphone and PC before it. 

Augmented reality superimposes computer-generated images over the real world, unlike virtual reality, which completely immerses the viewer in an artificial world or “metaverse.”

By announcing plans to test in public, Google is also trying to get ahead of the kind of privacy concerns that helped sink Google Glass, one of the first augmented reality devices, almost a decade ago.

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