Google Pay Rolls Out "Hinglish" Support For Android, iOS Users

Images Source: Google

Last year, at the Google for India event, the company announced several new features for its payments app – Google Pay.

One of the announced features was supporting the "Hinglish" language. After many months, Google Pay is finally available in the Hinglish language. 

As it suggests, Hinglish is a mixture of Hindi and English popularly used in India.

The latest update for Google Pay on Android and iOS adds the support for Hinglish language. 

In India, the app was previously available in just two languages, Hindi and English. But now, users can also select Hinglish instead of English or Hindi.

To use Google Pay in Hinglish, users need to update the app to the latest version. After which, you can go to the app settings and choose your preferred language.

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