Google Maps now estimates toll charges for your journey

Images Source: Google

Google Maps have got a new updated feature which enables the user to check the estimated amount of toll charges. 

Google has stated that the user will have to pay the tolls which are given on the driving route which will start to appear in Google Maps

Furthermore, the Android Police has reportedly witnessed the new feature already working on the platform - showing the toll prices.

Some of the users have yet not received the update on their platform, but the feature has started to operate on a number of the devices, as per the reports. 

This new feature of showing the toll fare was first announced by Google in April 2022.

Google has stated that the new feature which displays the toll pricing is based on “trusted information from local tolling authorities.” 

The new feature of Google Maps takes toll passes and time of day into account when calculating the total cost. 

Also, the app has a toggle to ‘avoid tolls’ which will help the user to calculate the routes. 

Google Maps was previously used to alert the users when the toll was payable overall a journey, but not calculate what that toll might amount to.

As per Google, the new feature is available for “nearly 2000" toll roads in the US, India, Indonesia and Japan for all the Android and iOS handset users. 

Google has further stated that they will incorporate their operations in furthermore countries soon.

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