Facebook dark mode interface disappears for many iPhone users

Images Source: Google

Apple first introduced the dark mode on its Apple iPhones and iPads with the roll out iOS 13 back in the year 2019. 

A year later in 2020, Meta rolled out support for this feature on Facebook's web-based platform and its Android and iOS-based apps. 

Now, that dark mode has disappear for some users using Facebook’s iOS-based app. 

What’s more concerning is that the app also seems to be missing support for the system-wide dark mode toggle.

This means that not only has the feature vanished from Facebook’s iOS-based app, but there seems to be no way of turning this feature on. 

The result is that Facebook users are being greeted with jarringly bright white screens on their iPhones and iPad.

On part of Facebook, the move to make dark mode unavailable in its app on iOS doesn't seem to be a deliberate one. 

Rather, it seems to be a simple bug that might have been introduced when Facebook rolled out one of its regular updates to its app on iPhones and iPad. 

The Meta-owned messaging app hasn't acknowledged the bug yet but there are ample reports of the bug on various social media platforms. 

As 9To5 Mac notes, Facebook doesn't provide release notes for its updates, however, the company rolls out updates to its app after every five to seven days. 

It is possible that Facebook will fix this bug in its upcoming update. 

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