Elon Musk admits he has a secret Instagram account, Check Details

Elon Musk has revealed a "cheesy" detail while responding to a Pune-based IT professional, Pranay Pathole. Musk says he has a secret Instagram account.

Musk is very active on Twitter. But the Tesla CEO has now revealed that he operates a "secret" Instagram account as well. 

He said that with the secret Instagram account he usually checks out links sent to him by his friends.

Musk said while responding to Pathole on Twitter, "I do have a cheesy secret Instagram account, so I can click on links that friends send me."

Having a secret Instagram account goes against Musk's decision to delete the official Facebook pages of his companies. 

To recall, back in 2018, Musk got SpaceX and Tesla’s Facebook pages deleted, wherein each of them had around 2.6 million followers. 

On the contrary, both SpaceX and Tesla have an official Instagram account, which, like Facebook, is owned by Meta. 

Musk does not have an official Instagram account but there are several fan pages.

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