Google has made some minor adjustment to the Chrome logo, the first change in eight years after it was given a new look in 2014

So, what has changed in logo? Basically, the circle in the Chrome logo has gotten a little bigger and a new shade of subtle gradient 

You will have to closely inspect the old and the new logo to understand difference. When you look, you can see what has changed 

The new logo seems to have a bigger blue circle and a neater design in comparison to the older logo which was changed in 2014

The colors of logo are now pretty vibrant that make it look livelier. The new one doesn't have shadows on borders in each color

Google has used very subtle gradients for the new logo to make the icon more accessible and prevent any colour vibration

Notably, this is not the first time Google Chrome has received subtle design changes. This was happened in 2014's Chrome logo too

The new Google Chrome logo is limited to Chrome's Canary test branch, but Google says it should be rolling out to everyone soon