Most of us communicate through smartphone apps, yet many of these apps do not encrypt our communications, allowing third parties to view them

Messaging apps make it easy to communicate and connect with people around the world. 

However, with new ways to communicate and connect via technology, there are also new ways for your privacy and security to be breached. 

It's useful to remember that popular apps do not use end-to-end encryption, so our conversations and files may not be fully secured. 

Hence, we have listed some of the best secure and encrypted messaging apps for smartphone. Tap to check in the next slides

#3 Wire: Wire is one of the very few apps that sets end-to-end encryption as the default to protect your messages, images, and files.

#2 Telegram: Telegram lets users link their phone number to send fast, encrypted messaging over the internet, with client-server encryption for standard chats. 

#1 Signal: Signal is a free all-in-one messaging, voice-call and group-chat solution that uses its own end-to-end encryption protocol. 

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