Apple's foldable iPhone may use a Amazon Kindle-like E-Ink display

Images Source: Google

The Tech giant, Apple is said to be working on a foldable smartphone to join the club started by Samsung and Huawei. 

We have been witnessing leaks and rumors about the upcoming Apple foldable iPhone for quite a while now and it seems that leaks are not ready to stop soon. 

As per the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it was revealed that the company is working on a 9-inch foldable display phone which is expected to launch in 2025. 

Now a new leak has surfaced on the Internet claiming that Apple is testing a color display from E-Ink that might be equipped as an external display.

Ming-Chi Kuo has shared a tweet saying, Apple is testing E Ink's Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for future foldable device's cover screen & tablet-like applications. 

The color EPD has the potential to become a mainstream solution for foldable devices' must-have cover/second screen thanks to its excellent power-saving.

Furthermore, he also stated that the color EPD (Electronic Paper Display) has the potential for becoming the solution for a foldable device. 

It seems that it could be the future for all the foldable smartphones and tablets.

It seems that Apple is planning to incorporate the color display on the E Ink panel which might help the company to achieve better response and resolution. 

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