Apple unveils new healthcare strategy with Apple Watch, iPhone

Images Source: Google

Apple on 20th July shared a report that outlines the progress it has made in terms of introducing new personal health and fitness-centric features while engaging with traditional healthcare systems. 

The report titled ‘Empowering People to Live a Healthier Day’ offers a comprehensive view of its approach to healthcare markets in 8 years since it started releasing health-focused features such as a medical records storage system on iPhones.

While much of the report focuses on the company's Apple Watch, a device that lies in the heart of Apple’s health care efforts.

It also talks about other efforts by the company such as its Health and Fitness apps and the studies that it conducts in partnership with health-care professionals and educational institutes to better understand the scope of various ailments.

Apple said that its reports has two sections. The first section focuses on the company’s personal health and fitness features on Apple Watch and iPhone that offer actionable insights and help protect users’ health and safety. 

The second section, on the other hand, shares details about the work that Apple has done with the medical community to support research and care. 

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