Apple reportedly working on Silicon M3 chip for Mac devices

Images Source: Google

Apple recently announced its new Apple Silicon M2 chipset and launched a couple of MacBooks powered by this new processor. 

Now, Mark Gurman has revealed in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter that Apple has already started working on the next-generation M3 chip.

Along with the release timeline for M3 chip, he has also said that new chip will power four Mac devices next year — 13" & 15" MacBook Air, and a new iMac. 

There’s also a 12" MacBook but the device is still in early development and not much is known about it.

Before launching M3 chip, Apple is expected to launch a few more M2-series chips this year, which could include M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, and M2 Extreme.

Currently, there’s no info available about the M3 chip but it is likely to be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. 

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