Apple, the California based tech giant is reportedly interested in buying IPL (Indian Premier League) media rights for 2023-27. 

A Times of India report claims that Apple is expected to pick the ITT (invitation-to-tender) by mid-April 2022

BCCI had sent out the invitations to sell the media rights of IPL for the year 2023-27, a five year contract.

The report further claims that big players like TV18-Viacom, Disney, Sony, Zee, and Amazon have also shown interest in bidding for the IPL media rights. 

But here’s why you shouldn’t get excited about Apple joining IPL bid. As per a report, it may bid for it but it is not sure that Apple will have all the rights

We have seen big brands in the past coming and bidding for IPL media rights but many of them do not get the final rights. 

Many big companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and more in the past have shown interest in buying the IPL media rights which they didn’t get. 

Now, forget about the previous ones and see what happens if Apple Wins the Bid for IPL Media Rights 2023-27.

Apple is known for its premium experience and it is possible that the company might mix this with IPL (Indian Premier League) 

Apple produces many shows which are streamed on the company’s Apple TV+ platform for which a user has to buy a subscription. 

The company might add the IPL highlight clips to its platform for which the viewer will have to buy a subscription. 

Indian users on-boarding the Apple TV+ would give the brand a huge revenue and skyrocket the average viewership. 

Hence, Apple might not want to miss this golden opportunity. As expected, there’s no comment from Apple on the bid yet.

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