Apple could use M1 chip again in MacBook Air 2022

Looks like Apple is in love with the idea of recycle and use as it's doing the same thing for iPhone 14 as well as MacBook Air 2022.

Reportedly, the MacBook Air 2022 to feature the same old M1 chipset with a few improvements and a new name.

The famous Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo quoted that the new M2 chip is the same as the M1 chip, but with mild upgrades.

It's the same case with iPhone 14 as Apple is using the same old A14 chipset labeled as A15 with a few enhancements. 

It suggests that the Cupertino giant is sticking to the old 5nm processor and we need to wait a bit long for the 3nm processor.

Kuo says, The new MacBook Air 2022 will face the same limitations as the iPhone 14’s A16. 

He added, new design is already a big selling point for MacBook and it looks like Apple did right thing by cutting out extra cost. 

He further said, It's a great marketing strategy as minor CPU upgrade with new design will help in sales of MacBook.

The MacBook Air’s design has already received huge applause & people may not care about chipset as it's still a powerhouse.

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