Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints At "Something Exciting" Coming In AR

Images Source: Google

For the first time, Apple CEO Tim Cook has openly spoken about the company's AR plans, in an interview with Chinese publication China Daily.

Cook, in his interview, told AR fans to "stay tuned and you will see what we have to offer."

This is probably the most direct hint that we have gotten on Apple's work on an upcoming headset, rumoured as the "mixed reality" headset since that past couple of years. 

When the interviewer asked Cook what he thinks are the key factor, to which, Apple CEO said he "couldn’t be more excited" about AR, despite it being in the initial stages of implementation.

Apple’s mixed reality headset has been rumoured since the past couple of years. The company is rumoured to be bringing an AR/VR headset with multiple cameras reportedly. 

The mixed-reality headset has been a part of the rumour mill for a long time and will likely be the 'next big thing' after the Apple Watch.

Apple has also reportedly ramped up the development of rOS - a dedicated operating system for the mixed-reality headset. 

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