The new brand logo of Poco and its mascot

The new brand logo of Poco and its mascot

Poco revealed its new brand logo and company mascot. The new refreshed visual identity is exclusive to the Indian division of the brand. Company also revealed a new tagline, “Made of Mad”.

The new company’s mascot will be integrated into the brand’s campaigns across different mediums. It is also the part of the new logo.

The company has also changed the name of the Official Twitter account as of now to “Madder by the Minute”.

The profile picture has also been replaced with the new Poco mascot which previously has the company’s logo.

Anuj Sharma, Country Director of POCO India said –

  • To commemorate POCO’s successful independent year, the entire objective of the brand refresh is to honor the community which is as different and unique as our smartphones in the market.
  • POCO’s “Made of Mad” is a creative rendition of what our fans and consumers can expect from a brand that indicates a very compelling functional promise.
  • It is also a representation of our consumers who are mad, irreverent, eccentric with a thirst to pursue perfection.
  • Through this initiative, we want to build a belief system that enhances the overall POCO experience that our users find relevant.

According to the company –

  • The halo on the head of Poco’s new mascot signifies a sense of goodness.
  • The antennas on the head bring out the naughty side of Mad which Poco says is almost like their mascot can spread the madness telepathically.
  • The Intent in the eyes brings in a unique kind of incongruity when pitted against the halo on top.
  • The distinct triangular mouth subtly connotes the sharp wit of their company.
The new brand logo of Poco and its mascot

Some FAQs

  • Is Poco available in offline shops?

No, Poco smartphone is available online as of now.

  • Why is Poco smartphones so cheap?

Poco sells their smartphone only in online market, and that’s why they are able to provide best specifications at very low price.

  • Is Poco a sub-brand of Xiaomi?

Yes, the parent company of Poco is Xiaomi.


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