Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Email Marketing

Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Email Marketing, Send Welcoming Emails to Your Audience, Wondering How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is one of the most effective and widely used marketing strategies. Campaign Monitor studies show that 64% of small-sized businesses use email campaigns to reach their customers. 

However, not every business benefits from email marketing. One of the reasons that can make email marketing fruitless is sending unengaging emails to subscribers. If you are not careful, you can suffer the same fate.

In this article, you will learn some expert tips on how to make your emails more engaging. These tips will help you write emails your audience will always look forward to reading. That, in turn, will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Email Marketing

Send Welcoming Emails to Your Audience

Ensure that anyone who subscribes to your newsletters gets a welcoming message as their first email. A welcoming message creates a first good impression and allows you to introduce yourself or your business. 


And as you write the welcoming email, there are some key things you have to put in mind. One of them is making the message as memorable as possible. Make it valuable, too, and give the subscriber reasons to open and read other messages that will follow.

Use An Enticing Subject Line

The subject line you use can either lure your audience to go ahead and read your email or make them click back. The subject line is usually the first impression of an email. As with anything else, first impressions matter. 

When crafting a subject line, experiment using various words, phrases, and even emojis and settle for the most organic and attention-grabbing. Ensure it is enticing. Let it be short, clear, and promising.

Ask For Feedback

Asking for customer feedback not only helps you know the experience your customers have with your business and makes them feel like part of your business. 

There are several ways you can ask for feedback from your audience using email marketing. These include requesting reviews and customers’ suggestions. 


Asking for feedback has several benefits besides making your emails more engaging. For example, you can use it to make your products or services better.

Write Casual Copy

Nobody wants to read a boring, jargon-full copy in the form of an email. Although email is considered professional communication, incorporating a bit of fun doesn’t cause any harm, as long as you don’t overdo it. 

Use active language and throw in some humor here and there even as you talk about serious things. Doing so will make your audience read the email to the last sentence, and your message will be home.

Redesign Your Email Template

Your email template matters. A good email template has great capabilities for making your emails more engaging. A bad one can make a reader bored and stop reading an email.

Take a close look at your email template. Does it appear boring or interactive? Is its design overwhelming such that it distracts your audience from the key message? Does it resonate with the values of your brand?

It’s advisable to use a template with a simple design that supports your message. It should also resonate with the personality and values of your brand. 

You can also use relevant and eye-catching images between your copy to break the monotony and encourage readers to read the entire email.

Personalize Your Content

Personalizing your emails comes with several benefits, the most notable being making a subscriber feel like you are talking to them individually rather than as part of a large group. 

One of the most effective yet easy ways of personalizing emails is referring to your subscribers by their first names. People love to be addressed by their names. When you do so, you’ll win their attention and entice them to read your email up to the very end. 

Tell Stories

People love to hear stories. And not just any other stories. They want to hear engaging and interesting stories, which keeps them attentive. And you can tell them stories using email.

Wondering how you can utilize storytelling in your email campaigns? Here are some ideas. 

  • Talk about what inspired you to launch your products.
  • Interview the CEO, customers, or other people connected to your business.
  • Show how your team works or how products are made.

Segment Your Email List

What is relevant to one customer is not relevant to another customer. That’s why you should segment your email list. It helps you connect with your audience more powerfully and avoid sending them the information they don’t need. 

To segment your list, you can use information such as their geographical location, profession, age, interest, etc. 

You can also use customer behavior to segment your list. To do this, you need to track the customers’ behaviors to understand better which offers will be of great value to them.

Promote Action

Of course, prompting readers to take action is the key goal of your email campaigns. However, you need to be very careful with this section. You need to craft a good call to action that a reader will find difficult to resist. Otherwise, your efforts will go down the drain. 

People love to be guided on the subsequent actions to take. Tell them what you want, say it without beating around the bush, and witness them do it. Keep your readers guessing which action to take after reading your email, and they will take no action. And you don’t have to include several CTAs for your audience to take action or take your users to your e-commerce check-out page to increase conversion. Actually, doing so can be harmful. Emails with only one call to action get 371% extra clicks than those with several calls to action.

Final Thoughts: Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When using email marketing as part of your marketing strategies, you expect to see significant results out of your effort. And when that doesn’t happen, it could be that your emails are not as engaging, and your readers don’t get excited to open or read them to completion. Use the above tips to make your emails more engaging and achieve your marketing goals.

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