How to Use Dark Mode in Google Docs on any device?

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Google Docs is one of the popular web-based applications in which documents and spreadsheets can be created, edited, and stored online.

The service has a light theme set by default, but many times we want to use the service with a Dark theme or dark mode on our Android, iOS, or Google Chrome browser on our PCs. Hopefully, you can easily do it.

So, if you are also one of those who want to use the dark mode theme in Google docs on any device, you just need to read the article till the end as we have listed the ways to do so.

How to Use Dark Mode in Google Docs?

You can make reading and working on Google Docs easier on the eyes by enabling dark mode in it. In this article, we have listed the steps to turn on the dark theme in Google Docs on Android, iPhone, or Chrome browser for your PC.


On Android or iPhone

You can easily turn on the dark mode on the Google Docs App for Android or iPhone. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open Google Docs on your phone.
  • Click on the three lines (or hamburger menu) at the top left side.
  • Tap on Settings and here you will see a Theme or Choose theme option, click on it.
  • Finally, select Dark.

Done, you have successfully enabled the dark theme. Now, all the documents will open in dark mode.

Also, if you don’t use the dark theme in a document, you can disable it for that particular document or doc file. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open any document in Google Docs.
  • Click on the three-dots icon at the top.
  • Here, you will see a View in light theme option, and turn on the toggle next to it.

On Google Chrome Browser

In the Chrome browser on your PC, you can enable the dark mode theme using a third-party extension. Here’s how you can enable it.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your system.
  • Now, open Chrome Web Store or visit to open it.
  • Search for Google Docs Dark Mode in the search box or directly visit this link.
  • Click Add to Chrome and confirm it by tapping Add Extension.

This will download and install the extension on the Chrome browser. Now, open Google Docs and it will open in Dark theme.

  • If you want to make the page dark, click on the File at the top and choose Page Setup.
  • Tap on the page color circle then choose the dark color and tap OK.
  • Now, press Ctrl+A for Windows or Command+A for Mac to select all the text of the document.
  • After selecting, click on the font color icon at the top and choose light or White color.

Done, you have successfully changed the page to dark.

Alternatively, you can enable dark mode for all the websites on Google Chrome using the Chrome flags. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open the Chrome browser and type chrome://flags then hit enter.
  • In the search flags box, type Force Dark Mode.
  • Tap on the drop-down menu next to the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents and choose Enabled from the given options.
  • Finally, relaunch the browser, and dark mode will apply to all the sites.

Conclusion: Use Dark Theme in Google Docs

So, these are the steps to enable and use the dark theme in Google Docs. We hope the article helped you in turning on the dark theme.

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How to disable dark mode in the Google Docs application?

You can easily turn off the dark theme in the Google Docs app on your Android and iPhone. To do so, open the app then go to Settings and select the Light under Choose theme option.

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