How to Upload 4k Full View Display Images on Twitter Application?

Yes, Now you can upload high-quality 4k Images on Twitter with Full Display View option.

Twitter has started rolling out a new feature that will show you full size images without cropping them. The new feature was earlier in the beta testing, and now the stable version has been made available for all Twitter users.

Twitter, from its official account, shared a tweet claiming that the social media platform will now show the actual size of the images. The tweet also demonstrated the cropped images before the update and the new UI after the roll-out of the new feature.

Earlier image posts did not support a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is done to make it convenient for the uses to see what’s there in the tweet even without opening it.

Twitter says “no bird too tall, no crop too short. Introducing bigger and better images on iOS and Android, now available to everyone.”.

How to Upload 4K Full View Images on Twitter

Just in case you don’t know, this feature was in the testing phase since March, and the company was developing this along with another feature that will allow users to upload 4K images without deteriorating the quality of the images. The 4K image upload feature was recently introduced by the company, and now finally, the full view image feature has also arrived for all the users.

If you want to upload 4k Images on Twitter. Here’s how you can upload 4k Full View Display Images on Twitter:

  • First of all update your Twitter app from Play store or App Store.
  • Now, you will see Full Images of Others but can’t upload 4k Images.
  • Open the Twitter App on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now, click on Hamburger icon (three lines) and select on Setting and Privacy.
  • Under the General section, you will see Data Usage.
  • Click on Data Usage option.
  • Now choose High-Quality Upload under the Image section.
  • You can select from Wi-Fi only or for mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on the settings for High-Quality Upload, and you are all set to go.

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