How to Untag Yourself on TikTok?

Wondering how to Untag Yourself on TikTok, How do I remove myself from a video tag on the platform, Will TikTok notify the person if I remove the tag

TikTok is one of the popular short-video social media platforms owned by Bytedance. It is a widely used platform and has millions of active users around the world.

These days, users are getting tagged by unknown people or spammy accounts which they are not liking and that’s why they want to remove themselves from the tag on the platform. And, we are here to help you.

So, if you are also one of those who want to untag yourself on TikTok, you just need to read the article till the end as we have listed the steps to do so.

How to Untag Yourself on TikTok?

We have listed the step-by-step guide by which you can easily remove yourself from a tag on TikTok. Here’s how you can do it on your Android or iOS device.

  • Open the TikTok app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Click on the Inbox icon just before the Me icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on All Activity at the top and select Mentions & Tag.
  • Here, you will find all the video notifications where someone mentioned you. Tap on the video in which you want to untag yourself.
  • On the video page, tap on the mentioned icon with the number of people tagged in it right before the time stamp.
  • Now, you will see all the people tagged in the video, tap on the Remove button next to your name to untag yourself.
  • It will show a message that You just removed yourself from this video.

Done, you have successfully untagged yourself from a video on TikTok.


So, these are the ways by which you can remove yourself from a tag on the TikTok video. We hope the article helped you in untagging yourself from a video on the platform.

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Will TikTok notify the person if I remove the tag?

TikTok notifies everyone who someone tags you on a video but it doesn’t notify the owner if a tag is removed. However, they can check the tag and will know that you have removed the tag.

Can I Stop People From Tagging Me?

Yes, you can easily stop getting tagged on the platform. To do so, open the TikTok app >> Click on Me icon >> Tap on the hamburger menu >> Choose Settings & Privacy >> Under privacy, tap on Mentions & Tags >> Click on Who Can tag you >> Select No One.

How Can I Remove My Name from Tagged Person in a TikTok Video?

When a creator tags you in a post and you want your name removed from the tag, you can easily do it by removing yourself from the tag.

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