How to Transfer Apps Between Two Android Devices using Nearby Share?

With Android’s Nearby Share feature, you can share apps with other Android users. This feature does not require Internet.

Nearby Share also has a number of privacy options. You can choose to receive content from “All Contacts,” or select the specific people you want to be available to. It’s also possible to make yourself “Hidden,” so you’re only visible when this feature is open.

Google made Nearby Share available to all Android 6.0+ devices.

What is Android Nearby Share?

Nearby Share is part of Google Play Services. Play Services is updated through the Play Store, making it much easier for Google to add Nearby Share to many devices.

Nearby Share uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC to send content. It automatically determines which method is the best for the situation when a transfer is initiated.


Large files will likely take advantage of a Wi-Fi direct connection, while smaller items can be sent over Bluetooth or NFC.

You also have the option to enable mobile data or disable all internet transfers entirely.

How to transfer Apps using Nearby Share?

To use this feature, you need to find a device that is nearby, has the screen unlocked, and has Bluetooth and location services turned on.

A notification will appear on the receiving device asking to become visible to the sender. The sender then selects the receiving device and off it goes.

How to Transfer Apps Between Two Android Devices using Nearby Share

As a security precaution, the receiver must choose to become visible and accept the transfer every time. This means you will never receive something without your consent.


Let’s see the steps to share or receive apps from Android Device.

  1. Open Play Store and click on Menu option on top left side.
  2. Click on My Apps & Games Option.
  3. Swipe right and go to Share option.
  4. Here, you will see Send and Receive option.
  5. If you are sender then click on Send option and if you receiver then click on Receive option.
  6. After selecting option, click on Continue, and allow asked permission.
  7. Now, select the apps which you want to send.
  8. Click on Next Icon on the top right side.
  9. Now, it will start searching for nearby device.
  10. Open select the receiver, and accept the pairing request in receiver’s phone.
  11. Done, apps will start sending to another device.
  12. Once apps will sent to receiver’s device, Install them and start using.

Some FAQs

  • How to change device visibility?

Open the Settings app on your phone >> Scroll down and tap Google >> Tap Device connections >> Tap Nearby Share >> Tap Device visibility to change who you can share with.

Change Nearby Share Visibility

If you’re sharing a sensitive file, you can limit Nearby Share to selected contacts that you choose. Moreover, if you don’t want other Android users to be able to send you things, you can make your phone hidden from the service entirely.

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