How to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where people spend most of their time connecting to their online friend and other activities.

Facebook is even more popular when it comes to stalking. With the growing number of users, stalking has become a common practice on platforms like Facebook. If you are willing to know who has recently viewed your Facebook profile, then this article can help you know it.

See who viewed your Facebook Profile

There are many websites / apps available that claims to show who viewed your Facebook profile. However, they fail to provide you the right information. Not a single one of them, and if you stumble into these sorts of apps, Facebook not only denies that they work but also asks you to report them.

You can be 100% certain that each and every app that says “See who views your profile” or “Stalker Tracker” or anything else like that is virus-laden junk.


They might install the ability to spam your friends via your Facebook wall. In some cases, malicious users can even use their junk apps to find your physical address.

Using Web Browser

This is the one of the best and most effective, widely used way but this is sometimes considered to be time-consuming by some of the people. Here’s how you can know who viewed your Facebook Profile:

  • Open your Facebook account on the web (using any browser) by visiting
  • Login to your account.
  • Once you are on your Facebook timeline, right-click anywhere.
  • Now, select the View Page Source (You can also view Page Source using CTRL+U).
Facebook view page source
  • A new tab will open automatically. This tab will contain codes of the source.
  • Once the source page opens, tap CTRL+F which will open search box that is used to search up stuff.
  • Type BUDDY_ID in the search box and click on the enter button.
  • Now, you will see several Facebook profile IDs next to the BUDDY_ID.
  • The first ID will show you the person who viewed or visited your profile most of the time.
  • Copy these profile IDs (any 15 digit number)
  • Open in a new tab and then paste the id that has been copied (like
Facebook Buddy Id
  • The profile of the person who viewed your profile will automatically appear on your screen.

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