[Working] How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Mobile App for Free?

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Candy Crush is a popular game among most people. There are 5 lives in the game and you will get one life after every 30 minutes. Sometimes people want to play more but they are out of their lives.

Many times users get frustrated when they lost all their lives and want to play the game more times. However, there is a trick by which you don’t have to wait for lives to play Candy Crush.

So, if you want to know how you can get unlimited lives in the game, read the article till the end to get full details of getting unlimited lives in the Candy Crush mobile app.

How to Get Unlimited Free Lives in the Game?

There are two ways to do it, the first way is difficult and time taking while the second way to get unlimited lives is very easy and convenient.


The first method is quite popular among many users which are by Inviting your friends on Facebook. So, once you got out of life, you need to Invite your Friends on Facebook to get more lives.

But this does not work very well because if they don’t join the game, you will not get lives. Here, the second method comes in the role, and it’s very easy to get unlimited lives using this method.

Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush

Using this method, you don’t need help from friends to play games. There is just a simple trick by which you will get unlimited lives. Here’s how you can do it.

  • First of all, play the Candy Crush game and use all your lives.
  • After using all your lives in the Game, Minimize the Candy Crush app.
  • Now, open Settings in your device.
  • Go to Date & Time or search for Date & Time.
  • Here, uncheck the Automatic Date & Time option or Network-Provided Time option.
  • After unchecking it, you can select Time manually.
  • Now, increase the time by 3 hours or more (or increase the date by 1 day or more).
  • Save the settings of Date & Time.
  • Go back to the Candy Crush app, and you will see that you have full set of lives.
  • Now, go back to Date & Time settings and select Automatic Date & Time.
  • This will automatically correct the Date & Time of your device.
  • Now, go back to Candy Crush app and enjoy playing it.

You can use this method as many as you can to get unlimited lives in the game. Now, you can play the game without worrying about your lives.

From now, when you are out of life in the Candy Crush game, you simply use the above-mentioned steps to get unlimited lives in your game.


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