How to get FASTag For Free with Free Home Delivery?

How to get FASTag For Free with Free Home Delivery?

Get AckoDrive FASTag For Free, Get FASTag for free with Free Home Delivery

FASTag is a tech-enabled sticker (like a QR code) that is linked with your prepaid account/wallet by which you can keep recharging your account.

You can stick it on your car’s windshield. All tollways in India will now use FASTags to collect toll payments.

With FASTag installed on your car, you don’t have to wait in lines at toll plazas or worry about cash, your toll payment will be automatically deducted from your wallet/account after scanning your FASTag.

Meanwhile, AckoDrive is providing Free FASTag for users who still haven’t one, and need one for their vehicle.


Below are the steps to order AckoDrive FASTag for free by following just simple steps.

Get FASTag using AckoDrive Free FASTag Offer

  1. Firstly open AckoDrive FASTag Website.

2. Enter your Car Number and click on Get FASTag.

3. Now, enter your Name, Email, Phone Number, Address.

4. Select Identity Proof and enter the number and click next.

5. Now, select your Car Type from Personal or Commercial Use and click Next.


6. You have to deposit minimum 100Rs this will be deposited in your FASTag wallet.

7. Verify your phone number by entering OTP and complete payment using your desired method.

8. After completing the Payment, you have to enter one more OTP to verify again.

9. Done your FASTag is booked, you will receive tracking details from IDFC by the next working day.

10. Finally, you will receive your AckoDrive FASTag within 3 working days with a 100Rs pre-loaded balance.

How to get FASTag For Free with Free Home Delivery

Some FAQs Related to FASTag

  • Can I buy 2 FASTag for same car?

You can use or purchase a maximum of two FASTags for one vehicle.

  • How can I recharge my AckoDrive FASTag?

When you buy a FASTag from AckoDrive, they will create a FASTag wallet for you with IDFC Bank.

You can also recharge your wallet using your preferred payment method.

  • Should I need any document to purchase AckoDrive FASTag?

No, you don’t need any document to purchase FASTag through AckoDrive.

  • What is the validity of FASTag?

Every FASTag has a validity of 5-years from the date of purchase.

  • What if the FASTag is not working?

If you have purchased an AckoDrive FASTag and it is not working, then you can call their helpline number 1800-266-9970, and they will arrange a new FASTag.

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