[Fixed] How to Fix YONO SBI SB001 Technical Error?

Are you getting, “SB001 Technical Error, Please Try Later” or “Sorry, we could not find any customer by mobile of the SIM selected by you” on the YONO SBI account? If so, you just need to read the article till the end as we have listed some fixes to solve the problem that you are facing in your account.

How to Fix YONO SBI SB001 Technical Error?

The SB001 or Could Not find any customer error occurs when the user is trying to log in to the application or when the user is entering their login details on the platform.

We have added some fixes to solve the YONO SBI SB001 Technical or Could Not find any customer error.

Clear Cache Data

Clearing cached data of an application solves 90 percent of the problem that a user faces on the application. Below are the steps to clear the cache data of YONO SBI on an Android device.

  • After getting the SB001 Technical error.
  • Close the app and remove it from the background.
  • Now, open your Smartphone’s Settings.
  • Go to Apps and then choose Manage Apps.
  • Search for YONO SBI from the list then click on it, and the App Info of YONO SBI will open.
  • You can also go to App Info from the home screen. To do so, long press on the YONO SBI app and click on the ‘i’ icon.
  • Now, click on Clear Data and choose the Clear Cache option.
  • After clearing the cached data, restart your device.
  • Once restarted, open the YONO SBI app again.

Check whether your problem is solved or not. If your problem does not solve by clearing the cached data of the application, you will have to update it or reinstall it.


Update or Reinstall the Application

Sometimes, clearing the cache data does not fix the issue. Hence, we have to update it if there is any, or we have to reinstall the application again on our device.

Follow the below steps to update the YONO SBI app on your Android and iOS device.

  • Open Google Play Store or App Store on your device.
  • Search for YONO SBI in the search box and hit the search button.
  • From here, click on the Update option to update the app if there is any update available.
  • After updating the application, restart your device.
  • Once restarted, open the YONO SBI app again.

If there were no updates available for the app or the issue does not solve by updating the application, you can reinstall the application as this will surely fix your issue. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Uninstall the YONO SBI app from your device.
  • Open the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  • Search YONO SBI, and install it again.
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • Allow the required permissions and select Existing SBI Customer if you have your internet banking details.
  • Now, select the SIM which is linked to your account.
  • Make sure your mobile number has a balance on it as SMS charges shall apply.
  • After selecting, click on the Next button.
  • Now, enter your username and password and click Submit.
  • Here, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and click Next.
  • Finally, Enter the mPIN if required.

Done, your issue should be fixed and you can now access your YONO SBI account with any error message.

Conclusion: Fix YONO SBI SB001 Technical Error

So, these are the ways to fix YONO SBI SB001 Technical Error, Please Try Later or Sorry, we could not find any customer by mobile of the SIM selected by you. We hope the article helps you in fixing the error.


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