How to Fix We Suspended Your Account on Instagram?

Wondering How to Fix We Suspended Your Account on Instagram, We suspended your account on 31st October or xyz date, Your account doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines, Disagree with the Decision on Instagram

Instagram is a widely used service owned by Meta Platforms. Lots of users’ accounts are suspended recently.

Recently, many users are getting a suspension message stating, “We suspended your account on xyz date”. It further says, “There are 30 days remaining to disagree with this decision”.

So, if you are also one of those who faced and got the same issue, you just need to read the article till the end as we have added the ways to fix it.

How to Fix We Suspended Your Account on Instagram?

Many users have reported to different social websites that they are getting a “We Suspended Your Account” error on Instagram with the message explaining that, “Your account doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines. If we can’t confirm your account, it will be permanently disabled. This account isn’t visible to people on Instagram at the moment, and you can’t use it”.


However, Instagram has provided a 30 days period before it will suspend your account permanently. You can disagree with the decision, If you think that Instagram has suspended your account by mistake, Instagram can take you through a few steps to disagree with the decision.

Followed by, You still have 30 days left to disagree with this decision. We’ll take you through some steps to request a review.

Disagree with Decision

After getting the error, you will see a Disagree with Decision button, you can choose to disagree with it. Follow the below steps to disagree and fix your problem.

1. On the error page, tap on Disagree with Decision.

2. Select I’m not a robot and complete the CAPTCHA, click on the Next button.


3. Enter your phone number/email address and click on Send Confirmation.

4. Follow on-screen instructions to request a review for your account or your Instagram will be unsuspended after entering the code.

Check if it’s down

There is a high chance that the Instagram servers are down. As on 31st October 2022, many users have got the error and it’s due to a bug or glitch in Instagram. Follow the below steps to check if Instagram is down or not.

1. Open a browser on your device and visit an outage detector website (e.g., Downdetector, IsTheServiceDown, etc.)

2. Once opened, search for Instagram in the search box and hit enter or tap on the search icon.

Check if Instagram is down

3. Now, you will need to check the spike of the graph. A huge spike on the graph means a lot of users are experiencing an error on Instagram and it’s most likely down.

Check if Instagram is down

4. If the Instagram servers are down, you need to wait for some time (or a few hours) and once the outage is fixed, you will be able to access your account.

Fill the Form

1. Open a browser on your device and type My Instagram Account was deactivated then hit enter to search for it.

2. Click on the first result which is from the Instagram help center.

3. Alternatively, you can visit the link: or

4. It will open a form. Tap on I understand and wish to continue and click on Continue.

5. Now, enter your name, email address, your Instagram username.

6. Also, describe your issue in the Please explain why you believe that the content should not have been removed section.

7. For Example: “Hi Instagram team, I have got a message that states, We Suspended Your Account on xyz date. Please review my posts and stop the suspension of my account.”

8. You can also attach a screenshot of your error message in the Attachment section.

9. After filling in, click on the Send button.

Now, you need to wait for up to one week to receive an email from Instagram.

  • In the upcoming email, Instagram will ask you to attach a selfie of yourself holding a handwritten code or anything else. This helps to prove that you are the owner of the account.
  • After sending the selfie with a code, you need to again wait for up to one week.

Now, Instagram will send you an email that will state that your account has been removed from suspension. It also means that your account will not be disabled after 30 days anymore.

Conclusion: Fix We Suspended Your Account on Instagram

So, these are the ways by which you can fix “We Suspended Your Account on Instagram”. I hope you find this article helpful; if you did, share it with your friends and family.

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