How to Fix “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi Phones?

Xiaomi is a popular and leading consumer electronics manufacturer which sells smartphones under different brand names like Redmi, Mi, and Poco. Are you tired of pressing the Volume up button every time you try to unlock the phone? If so, in this read, you will learn how to fix the “Don’t cover the earphone area” issue on Xiaomi Phones.

How to Fix “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi Phones?

Xiaomi phone users (including Poco, Redmi, and Mi devices) have reported on social websites that they are seeing a message stating, “Don’t cover the earphone area. To turn this feature off, press the Volume up button” while unlocking the phone. In this article, we have added the steps by which you can remove or turn off the error message while trying to unlock your Xiaomi devices.

Turn OFF Pocket Mode

In most cases, the error comes because you have enabled Pocket Mode on your device which prevents unblocking when an accidental touch screen happens. Hence, in order to get rid of the problem you need to turn off Pocket mode. Follow the below steps to do so.

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Click on Lock Screen on the settings page.


3. Scroll down and turn off the toggle next to Pocket Mode.

Once done, you will not see the issue on your Xiaomi device.

Other Reasons

If the above method does not work for you then one of the following reasons is responsible for the error.

1. Dirt around the proximity area (clear the proximity sensor area and restart your device).

2. Bag in device firmware (required firmware upgrade).


3. The proximity sensor is broken (it is unlikely. If so, you need to visit the service shop).

4. Something is covering the headphone jack (check and remove the object).

Conclusion: Fix “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi Phones

So, these are the ways by which you can fix “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi Phones. I hope you find this article helpful; if you did, share it with your friends and family.

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