How to Fix Add Friend Not Working on Snapchat?

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These days, users are facing a problem while adding friends. Some users have also reported that Add Friend is not working for them.

So, if you are also one of those who are facing the Add Friend Not working issue on your Snapchat account, you just need to read the article till the end as we have listed the steps to do so.

How to Fix Add Friend Not Working on Snapchat?

There are many reasons why you are getting the issue on your account. In this article, we have listed the ways by which you can fix the Add Friend Not Working problem on Snapchat.

Check if Snapchat is down

First of all, check whether Snapchat is down or not. Some users have reported that they have got the not working problem when the Snapchat servers are down.


There are a couple of websites to check if Snapchat is down. You can easily check the status of the servers from websites like DownDetector. Here’s how you can check if it’s down or not.

  • Open a browser on your device and visit an outage detector website like Downdetector or IsTheServiceDown.
  • Once opened, search for Snapchat and hit enter.
  • Wait for some time until it fetches the details.
  • Now, you need to check the spike of the graph. A huge spike on the graph means a lot of users are experiencing an error on the platform and it’s most likely that it’s down.
  • If the servers are down, you just need to wait for some time as it can take a few hours for the company to resolve the issue.

Clear Cache Data

The first way to fix the problem is to clear the cache data of Snapchat and then restart your device. Clearing the cache of an app fixes most of the problems a user faced. Here’s how you can clear the cache on an Android device.

  • Open the Settings app on an Android phone.
  • Go to the Apps and then Manage Apps and it will open a list of all apps you have installed on your device.
  • Here, click on Snapchat to open the App Info of it.
  • Alternatively, you can also open the App Info from the home screen. To do so, tap and hold on to the Snapchat app icon and click on the information or ‘i’ icon.
  • On the App Info page, click on Clear Data (on some devices, you will see Manage Storage or Storage Usage instead of Clear Data, tap on it), and then click on the Clear Cache to clear the cache of Snapchat.

However, iOS devices don’t have an option to clear the cache data. Instead, they have an Offload App feature that clears all the cached data and reinstalls the app. Here’s how you can Offload Snapchat on your iPhone device.

  • Open the Settings App on your iOS device.
  • Go to General >> iPhone Storage and select Snapchat.
  • Here, click on the Offload app option.
  • Confirm it by tapping on it again.
  • Finally, tap on the Reinstall app.

Reinstall Snapchat App

If the listed methods do not work for you, you need to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Snapchat app on your device. Uninstalling an app fixes most of the issues a user faced, hence you need to uninstall it. Here’s how you can reinstall it on your device.

  • Tap and hold the Snapchat app icon.
  • Click on the Remove App or Uninstall button.
  • Confirm the uninstallation by tapping on Remove or Uninstall.
  • Once removed, open Google Play Store or App Store on your phone.
  • Search for Snapchat and hit enter.
  • Click on the Download button to install the Snapchat on your Android or iOS device.
  • Once downloaded, log in to your Snapchat account and your issue should be fixed.

Conclusion: Fix Add Friend Not Working on Snapchat

So, these are the ways by which you can fix the Add friend not working problem on your Snapchat account. We hope the article helped you in fixing the issue you are facing while adding friends on the platform.


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Why isn’t Snapchat letting me add friends?

If someone blocks you, then you can not add them. Also, if the account was deleted, then you can not add them. The deleted account may still show up in Snapchat temporarily until you log out and log back into the app.

Why can’t I add people on Snapchat if something went wrong?

If you are getting Something went wrong error on Snapchat while adding people on the platform, it might be due to the server issues and it’s mostly probably that the servers of Snapchat are down.

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