How to Create Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Web and Mobile App?

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WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app owned by Meta. The platform introduced the stickers features on its mobile app back in 2018 while the feature has now made its way to the desktop version.

Hence, you can now use the WhatsApp stickers feature on both mobile app and web versions of the platform. Also, you will be able to create your custom stickers on the WhatsApp web version without any third-party website or app.

You can also import these stickers to your mobile. If you also want to create your custom stickers, read the article till the end to know how you can do it.

Create Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has recently out the stickers feature to their web version. With the feature, users can also create their own WhatsApp stickers. If you also want to create custom stickers on WhatsApp. Below are the steps to create them.

  • Open WhatsApp Web ( on your desktop.
  • Now, Open any chat in which you want to send custom stickers.
  • Click on the paper clip icon and select the stickers icon (or click on the Emoji option >> Select Stickers >> Click on Create).
  • Now, upload the image which you want to send as a sticker.
  • After uploading the image, an editing window will open.
  • In the editing window, you can add text, emoji, paint, etc to your image. You can also add previously loaded stickers and can crop the image.
  • Once you are done with editing, click on the Done button on the right side.
  • Finally, send the sticker.

The sticker will also be saved to your sticker library. You can see it by going to the sticker section and you can send your custom sticker in the future.

Import the stickers to your phone

You can import your custom WhatsApp stickers to your Android phone easily. If you want to do it, here’s how you can do it in one click.

  • After creating and sending your own stickers on WhatsApp.
  • Open the WhatsApp chat on your mobile in which you have sent the stickers.
  • Now, click on the sticker to load the sticker.
  • Again click on the sticker image.
  • Here, you will see a Cancel and an Add to Favorites options.
  • Click on the Add to Favorites option to save the sticker for future use.
  • Done, now you can see this sticker in the favorites section on the stickers tab.

Create Custom Stickers on WhatsApp App

WhatsApp has not rolled out an official feature to create stickers on its mobile app. However, you can create stickers through third-party applications available on Play Store or App Store.

So if you want to create stickers on the WhatsApp app, below are the steps to create your custom stickers for WhatsApp.


Note: These third-party applications for making stickers work well, but we don’t know whether these apps will misuse any permission they are asking you to grant.

On Android Device

Below are a step-by-step guide to making your custom WhatsApp sticker packs on an Android device.

  • Download the Sticker maker or Personal Stickers app from Play Store.
  • Open the app and click on Create new sticker pack.
  • Enter the name for the sticker pack along with the name of the author.
  • Now, take a photo or select a file from gallery.
  • You can also select multiple files.
  • Make sure the photo must in the PNG format format.
  • Click on Next button.
  • The next step allows you to edit the photo.
  • Once you are done with editing, click on Save sticker.
  • After making three stickers in the pack, you can click on Add to WhatsApp.
  • You will then see a confirmation message on the screen.
  • Now, open WhatsApp, click on emoji icon >> select stickers icon.
  • Here, you will see your custom sticker pack at the last.

On iOS Device

If you have an iOS device, here’s how you can make your custom WhatsApp sticker packs easily.

  • First of all, download the Bazaart app from App Store.
  • Open the App and open a photo.
  • Here, you can edit the sticker photo using the given tools.
  • Once you are done with editing, tap on the Share icon and click WhatsApp.
  • Now, click on Add to WhatsApp option.
  • Done, you can now check your custom stickers on WhatsApp chats.

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