How to Convert WebP Images to PNG or JPG without any application?

Convert WebP Images to PNG or JPG, Download WebP Images, Save WebP Images

WebP is a modern image format developed by search engine giant Google. It was launched in 2010 that provides lossless and lossy compression.

WebP lossless images are usually 26% smaller in size than PNG. Similarly, WebP lossy images are up to 34% smaller than JPEG. Both lossless and lossy WebP images support transparency.

It is supported on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and many other tools and software. But still, most of the time, we need to download these images in formats like JPG or PNG. If you want to save images as JPG or PNG instead of WebP, below are methods that can help you to do so.

Convert WebP Images to PNG or JPG

Below, we will be discussing some easy and quick ways or methods to download and save WebP images in JPG or PNG format.


By Editing Image URL

This is the easiest method you can download or save these images as JPG or PNG. All you need to do to save such images in the JPG or PNG format by removing the .webp from the URL of the image.

Below are the steps by which you can easily download or save these images to PNG or JPEG:

  • Open the image in a new tab or copy the image address and paste it into a new tab.
  • It will open the image in a new tab.
  • Now remove the .webp at the end of the image URL.
  • Once you remove .webp, add extenstion .jpg or .png and save the image.

In a few cases, you will find “-rw” at the end of the URL of the WebP images. You will have to remove “-rw,” and then you will be able to save them easily.

Online Conversion Tools

There are plenty of online conversion tools used to convert WebP images in few seconds. Here’s how you can convert WebP Images to PNG or JPG format easily.

  • Download WebP image which you want to convert in JPG or PNG
  • Now, Search on Google for “WebP to JPG” or “WebP to PNG”.
  • You will see the results of the online conversion tools.
  • I am not getting specific here, you can use any of the top five results.
  • Once you visit the page, you will need to upload the WebP image and then select convert option.
  • The tool will convert your WebP Image to JPG or PNG format.
  • Finally, download the images.

These are the best ways to download these images in JPG or PNG format. These two methods work for me almost all of the time. Overall, I would say it is fairly easy to download images in JPG or PNG.


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