5 Ways to Fix History is temporarily unavailable in ChatGPT

There are many instances when we want to access the history of the queries we have made on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, sometimes it might not be able and in this read, you will learn 5 ways to fix History that is temporarily unavailable in ChatGPT.

How to Fix History is temporarily unavailable in ChatGPT?

While trying to access the history, users are seeing an error message stating, “History is temporarily unavailable. We’re working to restore this feature as soon as possible” on ChatGPT. There can be various reasons for the issue and we have concluded some troubleshooting ways to fix the issue.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache

First of all, you need to clear the cache of the browser as it might be the reason for the issue. Here’s how you can clear the cache of the Chrome browser on a PC.

1. Open the Chrome browser on your system.

2. Tap on the three-dots icon and select Settings.


3. Navigate to Privacy and security > Clear Browsing Data.

4. Select the Time Range to All Time then select all the checkboxes including Cookies and other site data & Cached images and files.

5. Finally, click on Clear data to clear the cache.

Restore ChatGPT from your browsing history

If clearing the cache does not fix the problem then you need to restore ChatGPT from your browsing history. Here’s how you can do it on the Chrome browser.

1. Open Chrome and tap on the three-dots icon then select History.


2. Again select History. Alternatively, press the Ctrl+H key.

3. Search for chat.openai.com in the search bar.

4. Now, open your previous chat by tapping on it.

Check for Server Status

Check whether OpenAI’s server is up or not because most of the issues on ChatGPT come due to a bad server.

Hence, we suggest you, head over to OpenAI’s official status page and check for uptime or downtime. If it’s showing downtime, then the issue is related to the server and it will be solved automatically after a few hours.

Reopen the ChatGPT

If the ChatGPT is up then you need to close the ChatGPT web page then reopen it on your browser as it can help you in fixing the problem because the problem might be related to a glitch or bug in the browser’s tab.

Contact Support Team

If the above methods do not work then you need to contact the support team of OpenAI.

1. Head over to help.openai.com on a browser.

2. Tap on the chat icon at the bottom.

3. Select Search for help followed by Send us a message.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions then describe your issue and finally send the message.

Conclusion: History is temporarily unavailable in ChatGPT

So, this was all about how you can fix History is temporarily unavailable in ChatGPT. I hope you find this article helpful; if you did, share it with your friends and family.

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