Get 250 Intermiles in Small Survey: Redeem it on WRX, Amazon, etc.

Today, Intermiles released a small survey for both the old and new users where each user will be rewarded with 250 free Miles on the Intermiles app.

You can use these miles to get 2 WRX tokens, get CoinDCX vouchers, or you can stock these miles to redeem free gift cards of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and others in the future.

If you don’t know about Intermiles and wondering what is Intermiles? Then don’t worry, here’s the short summary about Intermiles.

What is Intermiles?

Intermiles is a loyalty and rewards program that lets users earn Miles for every transaction they make. Intermiles redirect customers across various platforms. When the customer makes a purchase on that platform, Intermiles receives a commission for that transaction from the business and gives back a small amount of that commission to the customer in the form of Miles.


Users can redeem these miles across different types of rewards including free Gift Cards, Deals, booking a free hotel room, or redeem it for raffles, and more.

How to Get 250 Miles in Intermiles for Filling Survey

Here’s how you can fill the small survey and get 250 Miles in the Intermiles app, and then redeem it on different stores.

  • First of all Download Intermiles App from Play Store or App Store.
  • Now, create an account (Old users Login into your account).
  • Click on the Intermiles placed at the bottom right after Home and Purchases.
  • Here, you will see your Intermiles Account ID number below your name and miles.
  • Note down your Intermiles ID.
  • Now copy this link:
  • Replace the **** with your Intermiles ID.
  • For eg., my Intermiles ID is 123456789, so for me its
  • Copy this URL and paste it into your browser.
  • You will a Small Survey.
  • Answer all the questions asked in the survey.
  • Done, finally, it will give a completion message.
  • You will receive 250 Miles in your Intermiles account within 7 working days.

About this survey:

We are constantly looking at ways to how we can improve your experience. Keeping that in mind we have put together a short survey to understand your needs better and create exciting offers and deals for you going forward.
Earn 250 InterMiles on successfully completing the survey. Please share your views and preferences with us.
This should take less than 6-7 mins. Thank you very much for your time.

Redeem 250 Miles

You can use these 250 miles to get 2 WRX tokens in the WazirX app. You can also stock it to redeem it in the future. But if you want to redeem it in exchange for 2 WRX tokens. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open the Intermiles App on your device.
  • On the home page, scroll down and click on Redeem Miles.
  • Here, you will see many options, click on Deals.
  • Search for WazirX in the search box or scroll down to find it.
  • Here, you will available redemption offers.
  • Click on 2 WRX tokens (if available) and add them to your cart.
  • Now, proceed to checkout using your miles.
  • You will instantly get 2 WRX tokens coupons on the screen.
  • Note down the coupon code.
  • Now, Download the WazirX App and make a new account and verify the KYC.
  • After verifying KYC details, go to profile.
  • Scroll down, and click on Claim Coupons.
  • Enter the Coupon Code which you have got from Intermiles.
  • Done, you will get 2 WRX tokens in the WazirX App.
  • Paste your Free WRX Token Coupon and Redeem it in your Account.

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