Extract Text from an Photo: How to Copy Info from a Photo on Android?

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People are so excited with the new copy info from the photo feature which Apple introduced in their latest iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 update. Using this feature, you can copy text from photos and paste it somewhere else.

Apple users are using this feature and saying, ‘Wow what a revolutionary feature’. Some users are saying, ‘OMG! what an invention from Apple’.

However, this feature is available on Android for decades. So, if you want to use this feature in your Android device, stick with the article till the end to know how to extract text from a photo and paste it somewhere else.

How to Extract Text from an Photo?

Sometimes you want the text of an image. For example, a quote from an image or any other useful information from the image. For this, you have to use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that recognizes the text within a digital image. OCR software can be used to convert an image into an accessible electronic version with text.

There are so many applications available for Android that uses OCR to extract info from a photo. We have listed the best applications which are reliable services and come from well-known brands (that is from Google).

  • Google Lens
  • Other Applications

However, most of the smartphones are also bundled with Google Lens out of the box. So, you can use these apps to extract info from an image and use them.

Google Lens

If you want to copy text from an image, you can download Google Lens on your smartphone. Google has also implemented Google lens technology in their Google Photos application.

Here’s how you can use Google Lens to copy info from an image and paste it somewhere else.

  • First of all download or open Google Lens App in your smartphone.
  • Now, Capture an image or Select an Photo from gallery.
  • Click on the text which you want to copy.
  • Now, select all the content which you want.
  • Copy it in your clipboard.
  • Now, paste the content where you want to.

Done, this is how you can extract text from an Image. Using this method, you can also extract information from other’s devices by clicking the picture of the content which you want to copy.

This feature also works on Google Photos. Here’s how you can use this feature on the Google Photos application.

  • Open the Google Photos app in your smartphone.
  • Now, Open any photo that carries some text.
  • Here you will see a ‘Copy Text from Image’ popup below.
  • You will only see this popup when there is some text on your image.
  • Click on the popup.
  • Now, click on the text area and copy all the content.
  • Paste the content where you want to.

Done, this is how you can extract info from an image on the Google Photos application.

Other Applications

Google Lens is one of the best applications for extracting info from a photo. But, if you want any other OCR software then you can definitely any other-party apps.

However, they are not so good as the Google Lens. The other best OCR software is Microsoft Lens. You can easily find it on Google Play Store.

After downloading the app, you have to go to Actions from the menu, and then click the picture of any text and it will extract all the info into text.

There are many other apps available on the Play Store. To search for them, type ‘OCR text scanner convert an image to text’ to Play Store, and it will show you hundreds of applications that you can use.

These are all the methods by which you can copy info from an image. So, if you have any questions regarding the article, do let us know in the comments below. Further, if you think that the article will be helpful for others, share it with your friends and family.

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